Monthly Roundup: March 2017



This month we hosted a round-table bicentenary event about Branwell Brontë. This was organised by our unit member Edwin Marr, and was an informative and fun celebration of the neglected Brontë brother! Thanks to Edwin for doing a great job organising and chairing this event. You can download a pdf of the materials we looked at during the round-table here.

Our Middlemarch reading group continues to be well-attended and to provoke engaging discussions! Look out for a blog post soon discussing the experience of reading Middlemarch in instalments. We meet every other Monday in Helmore 115 to discuss a section of Eliot’s novel. See details here if you would like to join us after Easter!

Notices and Publications

Congratulations to unit member Peter Cook, who passed his PhD Viva Voce examination on 28 March!


We are hosting a symposium on Jane Austen on April 26th between 1 and 4pm. Speakers will include Sophie Gilmartin (Royal Holloway university of London), Mary Joannou (Anglia Ruskin University) and unit member Kirsty J. Harris (Anglia Ruskin University). See the programme for the afternoon here and book your free ticket.

This year’s conference is on George Eliot and her Circle, taking place on May 26th! We are in the process of putting together the schedule, having received some exciting abstracts. Stay tuned for more information very soon – details will be listed here.

The Cambridge Literary Festival is running from 18-23 April this year, with a variety of talks, events, and debates that may be of interest to you!

And finally, a reminder that our Middlemarch reading group continues every second Monday in Helmore 115 between 17:00 and 18:00. Check dates and reading sections here.


Branwell Brontë: A Bicentenary Celebration

Last week our unit member Edwin Marr put together a round-table event to celebrate the life of Branwell Brontë, following from the round-table we held in 2016 celebrating Charlotte Brontë. The event was a great success and everyone who attended enjoyed the discussions and the texts we read. Many thanks to Edwin for organising the event!

You can download a pdf version of the materials from the event here: Branwell Brontë Roundtable.