Rhyme & Reform: Join us to watch this live-streamed conference


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We will be screening the talks on Thursday October 4th in Helmore 217 from 4.30pm- 7pm. We can also meet to watch and discuss the sessions on Friday 5th if there is demand. Please view the programme and the details of the conference here.



Far From the Madding Crowd: Panel Discussion


For anyone who couldn’t make it to our Being Human 2016 event, we recorded the panel discussion that took place after the film screening and you can watch it by clicking here!

Many thanks to our speakers – Chris Lyon, Kirsty Harris and Kathy Rees – and to everyone who came along and got involved – it was a great evening and we hope to see many of you again at future events.

Livestream: Rohan McWilliam on Victorian Nightlife

In case you missed Rohan McWilliam’s talk on ‘Victorian Nightlife and the West End of London’ today, we recorded a livestream of the event, and you can watch it at the link below. (Unfortunately our Internet connection dropped out halfway through so the recording is in two parts and missing a segment while we got it working again.) Many thanks to Rohan for such an interesting paper!

Watch/Listen again here!