Rhyme & Reform: Join us to watch this live-streamed conference


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We will be screening the talks on Thursday October 4th in Helmore 217 from 4.30pm- 7pm. We can also meet to watch and discuss the sessions on Friday 5th if there is demand. Please view the programme and the details of the conference here.



Machines made out of words: John Gardner’s Inaugural lecture. May 31st 2018

Unit member Professor John Gardner will be delivering his inaugural lecture on Thursday May 31st. Do come along. More information is available here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/machines-made-out-of-words-tickets-43589226550


ALSS Research Seminar: Ruskin, Music and the Health of the Nation

Dear all,

This is just a reminder of Paul Jackson’s talk tomorrow. These are the details:

April 11th (Hel 251)Paul Jackson, Ruskin, Music and the Health of the Nation

John Ruskin wrote about music throughout his life, frequently employing musical analogies to frame his thoughts on drawing, painting and visual art. As his ideas on art developed to encompass matters of life, society, ethics, economics and religion, his relationship with music also developed. Ruskin increasingly saw not just the communication and reception of music as processes that might lift the spirits and ennoble the mind, but also the act of performing – specifically singing – as something that exercised both mind and body in beneficial synchrony. It will be argued that Ruskin’s engagement, in thought and in writing, with music’s practice, manifestation and meaning, add valuable insight into Victorian perceptions of music in society.