Reading Group 2018/19 Semester 1 – Can You Forgive Her?


‘The Balcony at Basle’, from Can You Forgive Her?

‘Whether or no, she, whom you are to forgive, if you can, did or did not belong to the Upper Ten Thousand of this our English world, I am not prepared to say with any strength of affirmation.’

For the new academic semester starting in September 2018, we will be reading Anthony Trollope’s humorous and biting social/political novel Can You Forgive Her? First published in instalments between 1864-5, this novel is the first in Trollope’s Palliser series, also known as his Parliamentary Novels, and provides a fascinating account of the dilemmas of those in the upper circles of British society during a period of gigantic social change.

Meetings will take place on alternate Thursdays at 17:00-18:00 in Helmore 222, with each meeting led by one of our unit members. All are welcome.

Week 1 – Thursday 27th September. Chapters 1-14, led by Edwin Marr

Week 3 – Thursday 11th October. Chapters 15-28, led by Kathy Rees

Week 5 – Thursday 25th October. Chapters 29-41, led by Marie Moxon

Week 7 – Thursday 8th November. Chapters 42-56, led by Chris Lyon

Week 9 – Thursday 22nd November. Chapters 57-67, led by Hilary Bedder

Week 11 – Thursday 6th December. Chapters 68-80, led by Saffya Alaoui

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