Monthly Roundup: October

October’s Happenings 

We’ve had a busy start to the semester this October, with several meetings taking place, and we hope everyone who attended enjoyed them! Many thanks to this month’s speakers: Shelley Walters and Meg Gooding, who shared their work in progress at our first meeting of the year, and Rohan McWilliam, who spoke last week about Victorian nightlife in London. We also experimented with sharing a livestream of Rohan’s talk on our twitter feed. This worked well, and we’re hoping to livestream more events in the future.

October’s Work in Progress blog was on Charles Dickens and Edmund Gosse, written by Kathy Rees – if you missed it, you can read it here.

Coming Up: November & December

Our big event this semester is Far From The Madding Crowd. We are screening Thomas Vinterberg’s 2015 adaptation and discussing it afterward as part of the Being Human Festival. This event takes place on 24 November in the Mumford Theatre – more information here. Book your free ticket now!

Looking further ahead, in December we have a guest lecture from Sarah Bull on ‘Rethinking Sexual Advice in the Age of Mass Print: The Sexual Knowledge Business in Victorian Britain’, and we’re hoping to host something festive toward the end of the semester, too.

We’re looking forward to seeing you at our future events! To receive news and updates about our work and events as they happen, follow us on twitter, or click the button on the right to follow the blog via email.

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