Edward Lloyd and his World: Sensationalism, Radical Reform, Popular Fiction, and the Press in Victorian Britain

Saturday 18 June 2016 10-4.30
Westminster Central Archive
10 St Ann’s St, London SW1P 2DE
This is a day devoted to exploring the world of Victorian popular fiction, publishing, politics and the press through the figure of  pubblisher Edward Lloyd (1815-1890).  The conference will be a major act of recovery, exploring Lloyd as an eminent Victorian who had a profound impact on popular culture.  From his publishing base in Salisbury Square off Fleet Street his penny dreadfuls dominated the early Victorian fiction market with plagiarisms of Dickens and tales such as Varney the Vampire and the first Sweeney Todd story.  Lloyd’s publications have shaped horror fiction ever since.  Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper became the first paper to sell a million copies and helped establish the template for the popular press with its emphasis on sensationalism.  Lloyd throughout his life was a major entrepreneur but was also associated with radical and liberal reform.  We will examine Lloyd and his publications as well as the larger context of  popular culture, fiction and journalism between 1840 and 1890.
Stephen Jarvis, author of the acclaimed new novel, Death and Mr.Pickwick, will deliver a talk about his book.
The conference is free but you do need to book.  If you would like to attend, email archives@westminster.gov.ukor call 020 7641 5180.
For further details, please click here
Any queries, please email Rohan McWilliam (rohan.mcwilliam@anglia.ac.uk).

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